Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rick Sammon's Guide to Digital Photography - Rick Sammons

Got a Nikon D40 for Xmas, and this was the first (of many) photography books I purchased, with the hopes to be "enlightened" and be able to take "good" pictures.

Lots of interesting pics & tips, though his "lessons" weren't what I anticipated. I kind of want someone to "hold me hand" as I learn about my new camera. I know that sounds wimpy, but you get a bit depressed when you spend an entire weekend walking around Nyack (in the brisk winter air) and you get 800 pictures of, well, crap.

I think I have gotten a bit better in the past month (the books DO help, at least from a technical angle). I also think I've taken more seagull & duck pictures than anyone in this town (look at the Flickr feed to the right...).

Finished: 1/19/08
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