Friday, June 7, 2013

Packing for #RallyJune8 - Join @NYSUT tomorrow and support #education #1u

As the year closes, with all of the grading and record-keeping and proctoring, what are my wife and I doing? Packing the car for a day trip to Albany. Why? Because it's important.

Tomorrow @NYSUT is sponsoring a Rally to Fight for the Future of Public Education (#RallyJune8). I feel it is both my professional and personal obligation to attend. Most importantly, I want my two young sons to see what a group of passionate and empowered people can do.

For the record, my 2-year old, Sam, will be wearing a shirt that reads "Invest in me, not the test." And Nate, the 3-month old, will be sporting: "I trust teachers." Both shirts were hand-drawn by my wife, Amy (no pics yet...they are "heat-setting" in the dryer as I type).

I sincerely hope people who care (and who can) spread the word - we will not let this moment in history pass us by without raising our collective voices to the powers that be and saying, in one, unified voice: "We care. We are one voice. United."

I hope to see you in Albany.

[Tweets and pics to follow!]