Monday, January 7, 2013

Who needs sleep?

So. This weekend was kind of a mess. Friday evening flurry of #LiteraryTunes, red wine, and what I now know was pre-fever.

Friday night: toss, turn, freeze, swear, wonder why I am buried beneath an avalanche of blankets. Not realizing pregnant wife has same symptoms I do.

Saturday: sick. Fever sick. Stomach borderline, stays solid. Wife not so much. Vomiting on and off. 18 month old seemingly not affected, wants to play. Great fun!

Saturday night: pass the F out.

Sunday: wake up feeling exhausted but not sick. Wife still ill, asleep all day. 18 month and me...Play! Fun.

Sunday night: this one gets a timeline all to itself.

7pm: start baby bedtime. Books, crying, lights out. Not so bad.

8pm: discover #21stedchat on Twitter and get sucked in.

9pm: downstairs, decide grading is done for night. Hooray! Early bedtime! Read, lights out.

10pm: Toss, turn, can't sleep. Kung fu fantasies of what I'd do if a burglar broke (complete with a variety of "tough-guy" 911 calls but, alas, lacking any sort of kick-ass soundtrack).

11pm: sick of not sleeping. Brew sleepy time tea (false advertising), grade another 20 1984 essays.

12am: ready to sleep. Nuthin'.

1am: start thinking about Web 2.0 tools. Of course. Briefly consider my unfinished lesson plans. Start composing this post.

2am: everybody was Kung fu fighting. Hoo. Hah.

3am: decide to live "on the wild side" and "in the moment" and download the Blogger app. Baby cries. Awesome. Baby stops. Awesomer.

4am: finish post and try to remember what automatic settings I have on seldomly used blog. Find myself not caring. Wonder if anyone is still reading (and caring). Praying that I have one more free coffee reward at Starbucks.

Prediction for 5am: I will be surprised when the alarm goes off. Bitter irony.

Good(?) night/morning all.