Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ah, #EduCon - thank you.

I feel that this will be the first of many decompressions of this year's EduCon at the Science Leadership Academy (#SLA).

My mind is on overdrive.

But I feel the need to capture this, and start the sifting process.

It was wonderful to be around so many like-minded people. You all renewed my faith and my hope that change is possible.

It's hard to keep a fire burning by yourself. You all helped spark the embers; you reignited the burning passion to make thing better.

Although I still struggle with the full nature of this idea, I love that Chris Lehman phrased this change as a narrative. We all can play an important role in this story, and it is a tale that must be shouted from any mountaintop or anthill we can find.

We are connected. Whatever the means, we have the means to find the end.

Ideas are bulletproof. Let's thicken our hides and stop hiding - it's time to take this thing and run. To paraphrase Nat Turner: we are what we've been waiting for.

We must stay active and tell this story to anyone who will, and more importantly those who won't, listen.

Thank you, EduCon.