Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bigfoot: I Not Dead (@MyEN)

3 more graphic novels read today (man, I love summer vacation):

From the bottom up: 
  • The artwork looked great, and I love Kevin Smith. I recently read a Neil Gaiman penned Batman story, and enjoyed that too.
  • While at Harvard, I bought Daniel Pink's book Drive. It seems "serious," and I thought that a manga-inspired career-guide. Entertaining.
And for the crown jewel of the day, I Not Dead. This is the book bigfoot wrote upon returning from exile. You must read this book. It made my literary day.

Here's a snippet, where Bigfoot writes notes to himself on how to improve his lot in life. The spread is titled, "Self-Improve."
  • Bigfoot got get more perfect.
  • Refine bigfootocity. Pull together.
  • Think outside box. Lose ten pound.
  • Learn speak the French. Ballroom dance.
  • Demonstrate superior knowledge of fine wine at dinner party in charming, non-pretentious manner. 
  • Be Oscar Wilde of woods.
  • It so hard.
  • Brain size of apricot. So, so hard think good.
  • Maybe if eat Kelsey Grammer of Frasier fame, will absorb him soul and all attribute like McDonald's combo meal.
Or this lovely piece, titled "Plans":
  • Is beautiful day. Maybe bigfoot go for walk. Maybe go eat the chickens. Go lay by stream and practice yelling. Be nice. No, wait, can't. What if girl call that Bigfoot meet at bar last night. She hot. Pretty sure she say she vegan. I say I vegan too to make her like. No chickens for Bigfoot. Bigfoot have no cell phone so no go anywhere. Fuck me hate today.
It's amazing how such a small book can refresh an entire day. Go out and find it. And, by putting the links in above, I found there are other bigfoot books. I already requested one from my library. 

Read it. Love it.