Saturday, August 6, 2011

An archive of #HGSEPZFOL 2011 Tweets! Thanks to @KeepStream for the tech!

Fellow FOL participants: I have compiled a collection of all the tweets from this year's Future of Learning summer institute (well, almost). These tweets date back to somewhere in the Tuesday morning plenary with Mary Helen Immordino Yang and David Rose. Unfortunately, I could not retrieve tweets any further back.

Although the process was tedious (I had to manually click on each tweet, for around 5 hours), I felt so refreshed to look back over a compendium of thought from most of the process. And, while one part of my brain fell into a sort of comatose state-of-clicking, the rest of my brain re-fired all the thoughts and emotions and conversations from the past week. I was able to relive the week now, and all of us can return to this conversation for ever (I hope).

Again, it was great to meet and learn with and from all of you. I hope this provides you with a valuable resource as we shape the future of learning together!