Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Surprises are fun... or planning en masse is fun?

We're all organized, aren't we? Which is to say, it's clearly evident that I'm getting nervous and I need more structured activities to get this wedding going.

I'm wondering, though, if it's better to unveil the wedding on the date (no one having known about it beforehand) or to plan with everyone (which means we can enjoy watching people seeing all the plans come together). Our only firm surprise is, as Tony said, the wedding dress. But that's a whole different thing.

The cool thing is that Mom (Gayle, my mom) is totally into this wedding planning stuff (as we clearly are totally out of it) and so is Kathy (Tony's mom). Both of them like to be "hands off" on decision-making, but both are putting in their opinions. Good thing that we both have no problem listening to advice... and they have no problem with our not following it to the letter (or at all). Not surprisingly--but quite in character--, both Dads are uniform and constant in their advice: "Do it your own way, and have fun!"

I doubt that our mothers will be surprised by the wedding, and I doubt not that our dads will be pleasantly surprised by how the little things came together.

Thoughts? Feelings?