Thursday, January 9, 2014

#TheScottishPlay, done Twitter style

Yesterday, my juniors and I tried an experiment: what would happen if Macbeth had Twitter? I wanted them to review the major events of the play, which we watched before our 2-week break, before returning to analyze particular speeches. 

Here is the assignment I came up with: . In brief, groups were assigned Acts from the play and had to apply Twitter conventions to the major moments from each act. I created a form that students used their phones to complete, and then sorted the results by act and scene in the responses spreadsheet (see attached sheet - you can click the tabs at the bottom to see the different sorts).

We read through the results today (, and it was fun. The students were engaged, and I believe they captured the spirit of the play fairly well (even if I don't quite understand every hastag... #ohwell).